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Friday, July 18, 2014

April - May 2014

Field Trip to start April!
Lawson's Kindergarten class went to the Portsmouth Children's Museum for their second field trip, and they had a great time!  It was so fun to see him having fun with his friends and learning at the same time!

Lawson and Luke waiting and excited to get started

The class at the Gantry Crane exhibit


Face Art, ha, ha!

The Science Exhibit

Signing a check at the Bank!

Last pic of the day with the class :)

Spring Break trip to Busch Gardens!
We, along with the rest of Virginia I think :), went to BG over Spring Break....always a good time!
And Mommy LOVED the beautiful flowers, especially the tulips!!!

"Where are we going, Lawson?"  "I don't know, Peyton, let's see where the log ride is...."

"That way, Peyton, the log ride is that way!"

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail, Hopping down the ....

Hippity, Hoppity, Easter's on it's way!

 And Lookie here, the Easter Bunny did come!  Happy Easter!

My two bunnies :)

Easter Service at St. Luke's....we made it even though mom was super sick after BG and now daddy wasn't feeling too well :?  Love that the boys wanted to bring their Bibles :)

Hmmm, is he excited to be at church?  Or is that a mischievous look...not sure?!

Love my boys!

Yummy Easter Steak Dinner!  Notice daddy isn't in the picture...the stomach bug got him right after he grilled and we wouldn't see him for another day after that....poor daddy :(

Homemade Easter marshmallows....cute but way too much and learn!

We went finally went jogging in Riverside and found a new park too!  A wooden ship and a sub!

Concert Time!  The boys made tickets and everything for a few nights and had us "come to the show" before dinner.  Pretty funny and pretty cute :)

Field Trip for Peyton....the Zoo!

Field Day at School!

First Peyton....

And then Lawson's turn....

Jr. League of Hampton Roads Touch-a-Truck Event....always a great time!

Last Day of School!


First Peyton...he was so cute up there and did a good job singing along, even though he had a "bored" face most of the time :)  Love his little face!

Now for Lawson's Turn!  We were so impressed with his graduation ceremony.  It was so cute and we couldn't have been more proud.  This was such a special year with a special class that we will never forget.  Love this boy!

He was SO excited!

After this cute hug, he then tried to jump all the way off...had to give Mrs. Dunleavy one last scare from one energetic boy :)!

Such a great group of kiddos!

More pics before leaving and saying goodbye :(

Then we had lunch in Downtown was such a perfect day!

And we went to Busch Gardens again to celebrate and had an awesome time!  Highlights included finding a new play area, going on the Pompeii ride for the first time, and seeing the "Pet Show" where Lawson raised his hand and gave a math problem to the parrot! 

Mother's Day!
Look at all my goodies...I'm one lucky mommy!

Karate with Lawson for Mother's Day!

And he got his new belt!  Way to go Lawson!

Peyton at Swim Lessons
He's a happy boy once he gets in the water!

Other Random Pics....

Can you spot the raccoon?  We had one right outside our kitchen door one night too licking off the salmon grease from a grill part...yikes!

Lawson lost his first tooth!  He came into our room to tell us it was loose, and then it was out a few minutes later so it was speedy fast!  It's official, he's growing up :)

Waiting for Lawson one day and showing off his playground skills...

Getting taller!

Got new toys at a friends house and it was definitely the highlight of the week

Cute boy helping me mail some stuff!

These are Peyton's "little fellas" as he calls them :)

Super heroes at a fun birthday party

More birthday fun at an "Art Party"....we have some creative friends!

Shooting daddy at the pool with new water guns from Cici and Papa....hours of fun!

We stopped to eat in Williamsburg on the way home from BG, and ran into this stray duck!  It was great ending to a great day and then we took the Ferry home :)