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Friday, April 18, 2014

February - March 2014: Billy Graham, Biltmore & Birthdays!

Billy Graham
We were very fortunate to attend a marriage conference at the Billy Graham Conference Center in Ashville, NC for our Anniversary!  Some wonderful friends told us about it, as it was for military, and it could not have been better.  And luckily my mom came up to watch the boys for us....we had a great time!

Checking in to the super nice and rustic lodge....

No T.V. but complete with Duck Dynasty magazine!

And a beautiful view!

Here is the front of the conference center....I should have taken more pics inside because it was so pretty!  The teaching, the hospitality, and the food....all top notch :)

And another beautiful view out the back of the center...we weren't allowed out there due to the snow, but it sure was a tranquil site to see!

The Biltmore
We couldn't go all the way to Ashville, and not see The Biltmore!  Neither of us had ever been, and Steven has his doubts, but we were both blown away and loved every minute of it.  It is definitely a must see if you haven't pics allowed in the inside, but we took a lot of the outside!

The Side of the Mansion....

The View and Gardens...

The beautiful drive over to the Winery and Restaurants...

Bon Apetite!

 Happy Valentines Day back home!  Thanks everyone for the sweet cards....we are very loved :)!

School Art Show!

Here is Peyton trying to find his piece of the art quilt...

Here it is!  Monster trucks and Batman are all the rage...

Here is the Peyton's art on the wall...first a bear cave

And then the earth!   He didn't want to turn around, the little stinker :)

Now for Lawson's art....first a bouquet of flowers...

And then a self portrait!

Now to the gym for the big class projects.  Lawson's class had to figure how to make an igloo that would hold his bear....or something like that :)!

With Cici, the proud grandma!

Peyton's class project was taken from the book "Chica Chica Boom Boom, Will There be Enough Room?"  He had to practice spelling his name and made a fun shaker cup with all of the letters inside :)!

Proud Cici again!

Our annual "Birthaversary Dinner"
We forgot to get a pic of us both, but here are a couple random pics we took of each other :)

Time for Birthdays!
First is Daddy's Birthday....yumm, yellow cake with chocolate icing, his favorite!

Then Lawson's 6th Birthday! 

Here he is in his "Fun to be 5" shirt for the last time :(

Yummy cupcakes for his celebration at school!

And then the celebration at Home...

Now Time for the Party!  We decided to do things on a slightly smaller scale this year and just invite the boys in his class to the Air and Space Museum.  Here is the invite for the party and the cake I ended up making myself!  It was my first cake, and it was a bit stressful, but it turned out great :)


We watched the "Hidden Universe" at the IMAX there as a family before the guests arrived....we were styling in our 3D glasses!

 They are working hard flying these planes!

Time for Cake and Presents!

Thanks for coming to celebrate friends!

And some family pics before we left...

Finally, some random pics...
Daddy helping the boys build a control tower with one of their Christmas presents

Perfect day for Canoeing!

Run, Peyton, Run!